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How I Went from Frustration and Discontent to Thriving, Feeling like a Goddess and Totally Connected to My Soul

Attention: Women entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, professionals who desire to feel like a woman again.

Every day I get calls from women around the world and they share with me how they are frustrated because they are at a crossroads.  They are in new situations and they just don’t know what to do.  Whether single, divorced, widowed, unemployed, entrepreneur the list goes on. Because it is new, they don’t know what to do or how to cope with it very well.  They're using OLD strategies for NEW situations and they're stuck!

What if by devoting just six minutes a day you could OWN the golden key that opens the door to not just coping but thriving in any situation?

Rejuvenate Your Life gives you the tools for making changes and improving your life one day at a time that add up to a big difference.  You now have the key to thriving in any situation.  Many books promise to help you change your life but fall short because they focus on only one thing.  This book is different; it is a holistic guide to the practical, everyday actions you can use to improve your life in record time.

The many demands on you boomer woman leave little time for thinking about yourself.  But having great relationships in your business and personal life ought not to be left to chance.  In order to have these relationships, it's important to change yourself first.  Rejuvenate Your Life identifies specific core areas in your life and then guides you through a step-by-step process that keeps you focused so you can reinvent, rejuvenate and reframe your life.  The results are fast and predictable.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt says “Everyone needs a coach.”  The world's top athletes all have coaches who help them focus on specific areas of their game to create consistent and ongoing improvement.  This book helps you focus on those issues that have the greatest impact on helping you significantly improve your relationships in your personal and business life.  Written to improve your life without disrupting it, Rejuvenate Your Life isn't for everyone-- it's just for you.

Purchase your copy now and start changing your life.  Using the book and email coaching together is a powerful way to transform your life easily, effortlessly and timely.

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Rejuvenate Your Life


Americans Saving Ourselves Together

2easot“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret MeadThis book is a collaborative project born from the desire to help our fellow citizens. We know that times have been tough for many and we have decided to use the power of the written word to help uplift spirits and provide encouragement. Offering new ideas, ways of thinking and perspectives, we are letting those going through difficult situations know that there are people who understand, care and are here to help.This book empowers and encourages the reader to regain inner strength and take action. Covering a wide variety of topics including family, prosperity, self-cultivation, health, parenting, joy and humor. There is something here to help everyone during every stage of life. Taking matters into our own hands has taken on a new meaning: responsibility. When we accept responsibility for our lives and our circumstances, dramatic results are achieved! Although this book was written for Americans, we strongly emphasize that we are not solely American citizens, but global citizens.

We are part of one family: the human race. When we lift ourselves higher, we have the ability to spread benevolence to those in need throughout the entire planet. Individually, we each have the power and ability to change our lives. Together, we have the power to change the world.

~Michelle Starkey~

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  1. Garry L. Harden


    Such a wonderful book you've published and I certainly would love to chat more in depth about it as well as invite you to be a guest on my show. We talked briefly last year via Brittany Bobo and my show has increased dramatically as well as yours I'm sure. Please contact me at your earliest and until then have a wonderful journey .

    Garry L. Harden

  2. Youtu.Be

    In my opinion any time you can easily help someone else with this it is nice to do . Thank you and also sure numerous people welcome the recommendation .

  3. D.D.D.

    Excellent site! I'll have to purchase your book after reading how it will coach me.
    Thank you!

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