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"Attention: Women entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers and professionals: who desire to find your 'sweet' spot, have clarity about your desires and feel fulfilled."

Finally you can have the life you dream about, and feel fulfilled, reclaiming your femininity releasing toxic energy...

Every day I get calls from women around the world and they share with me how they are frustrated because they are at a crossroads.  They are facing new situations and feel discouraged because they just don't know what to do; they don't know how to make a decision.  It doesn't matter if they're married, single, divorced, widowed, unemployed or entrepreneur, their busyness causes overwhelm.   They're experiencing feelings of being tired, as if their life is being sucked out of them.   They feel stuck!

Feeling Stuck?

Using old thoughts, old patterns of behavior and old solutions holds them in the past; keeping them stuck.  These thoughts are comfortable, and keeps them in their comfort zone.  Seems like an oxymoron doesn't it? How can one be comfortable when they have all these feelings of frustration, overwhelm and tiredness?

It's simply what they're use to. 

They're ready to release the past but feel stuck because they’re attached to ‘what was.’ What was doesn’t serve them well anymore.

They know:

the relationship is over.

they're ready to leave the job they no longer like.

they hate the weight they’ve gained….

The truth is they’re using old thought patterns and behaviors to tackle a new issue. That’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. IT JUST DOESN’T FIT!

For years, I have been helping women quickly transform their lives with the "magic" of reclaiming and unleashing their femininity to do what they love, design a life of their own and improve their bottom line.

I realized that reclaiming your femininity and releasing toxic energy is an untapped resource inherent in women that is easily accessible and a SYSTEM once learned can yield untold results, and I’m ready to teach it to you now. 

The good news here is that it often only takes subtle changes to see a dramatic increase in feminine energy release. For example: I worked with one entrepreneur who, with just one small change in her beliefs and attitudes her confidence and her bottom line soared.  Another client using the techniques to release toxic energy attracted the mate she desired.

I want to see these kind of results happen for you in your life and your business! Which is why I am  peeling back the curtain and revealing to you my PROVEN Feel Like a Woman Again System that every woman professional, homemaker and entrepreneur NEEDS to know.

The women I've helped are no different than you...but what they've learned has HELPED them use their femininity to create and the keep the lifestyle they desire with clarity and purpose infused with joy.

While the results feel magical, what I’m teaching you is so practical and so simple, that EVERY homemaker, entrepreneur and professional woman can do the same...including you!

I'm Inez Bracy, author of Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like a Woman Again!  I’ve learned how to go from being overwhelmed, dissatisfied and frustrated with my life and now I want to teach you to live the amazing life you dream of.

Not too long ago, I was stuck too. Being trapped I felt a fire burning inside and if I didn’t put it out I would die. This feeling kept me awake at night.  I'd feel tired and unsure in the morning.  I could not make a decision.  I felt out of control.  I was fearful.  I knew that a temporary fix would not work, I needed more.

Whew! Was I frustrated with my life! I knew it was time to do something different…but what? Intuitively, I knew that my old ‘make it happen’ thoughts and attitudes would not change my life.  I knew that I needed new ideas and solutions, a new way of looking at things.

I started my business because I'm passionate about helping people; if only I could help myself!  I was working alone and feeling miserable each time my plans didn’t pan out.  I needed help.  I learned that all the superstars I admire don’t do it by themselves. They all have a coach!

I Got Help

My coach helped me see my life in a new way so I could:

Tap into and release my femininity.

Burst through my fears.

Release toxic, stagnant energy.

Create a successful business.

Notice opportunities instead of challenges.

I truly discovered the power and potential of having a coach. My whole world shifted. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get started! This shift resulted in the biggest transformation of my life and my business.

Rejuvenate Your Life book and coaching program were created from this shift!

Over the past few months I’ve seen so many people struggling.

I literally could not wait to share this life changing knowledge with anyone who is truely ready for it!

Achieve your dreams

You grow in power by having a coach. You no longer have to rely only on will power, systems that don’t work and trying to do it alone. You can reclaim your femininity, unveil your goddess, reconnect with your soul and live life according to your own passion and purpose.

Just so you know; there’s a ton of information out there, much of it is ineffective. In fact there are a lot of people wasting a lot of time because they don’t know what they’re doing. You don’t have to be one of them…

The TRUE SECRET to creating LONG-TERM success in achieving your dreams lies in having a coach that believes in your success, honest and tells it like it is,  and helps you uncover, discover and express your dreams and desires.

You don’t have to do it alone!

This 60 minute Teleseminar  I’m about to share with you is the guiding light and precise road map you’ve been yearning for.

Learn to:

Give up the blame game by taking full and complete responsibility for your thoughts, actions, behaviors, attitude and results.

Learn to exude self-confidence because you know who you are and love yourself.

Remove mental blocks to create the relationship you crave.

Develop clarity and focus to achieve virtually any goal you envision

Celebrate something daily because your joy is unleashed and you are free.

In this Teleseminar I want you to get started creating the amazing life you desire. It’s time to unleash your femininity. Envision what happens when you change your thoughts and behaviors. See yourself living the life you desire; the life of your choice.

Think about it. How would your life be different if you stopped chasing someone else’s dream.

Trying to change your life WITHOUT a Life Coach is like trying to build a castle on the sand… It would always be shifting and perhaps fall. You’re missing the underlying inner work that truly helps you remove limiting beliefs, blast through fears and assures the most long-term, constant advantage to embrace and master your transformation you could possibly ever have.

Change your life right now so that it revolves around YOU, your unique gifts and special talents. Reveal your true self to the world. The secret is to just be yourself.

Discover your inner core and reconnect with your soul.

Quickly eliminate emotional blocks to confidently surge ahead

Confidently know your value.

Start and finish projects on time, every time.

Turn your life blueprint into action.

Start where you are right now.

Stop the pain and feel free.

You’re at a crossroads and all you see is the past. You are held bound by someone else’s ideas for who you are and who you could be. You'd really like to experience freedom.  There are many opportunities but all you see are challenges. You may feel free but you really don’t know what to do with your freedom.

You feel unhappy because your life is steamrolling and out of control. You can’t ignore it because it’s not going away. It’s getting so hot demanding more and more attention because you’re doing everything you can to ignore it!

Perhaps for the first time in your life you’re really thinking about YOU and what you want. That’s okay, isn’t it time you redefine who you are on your own terms. Right now you can launch yourself as the person you are becoming and have ANYTHING you want for the rest of life!

This Teleseminar is for You:

Entrepreneur of the year! You became an entrepreneur because you wanted freedom, no limits and an amazing life on your own terms. You’ve been pushing, chasing and running hither and yond trying to make it work. You’re working so hard on being an entrepreneur that you’ve forgotten how to be a woman. You’re longing for satisfaction, a chance to relax, and live your own dream, while having the income you desire. Is this how you want your business to look and feel for the next three years?

Executive of the year! You’ve climbed the corporate ladder just to discover that there really is a glass ceiling. You know that no matter how many times you hit your head, the glass ceiling will NOT break! Your stress is building and you’re tired of the headaches. Your frustration is reaching new heights. You desire to turn your frustration and stress to your advantage, to unleash your femininity. If only you knew how! What is it costing you not knowing how?

Homemaker of the year! The shine has worn off of your enthusiasm since you decided to come out of the work force. Your children are all in school. You wander around your home thinking of things to do. You’ve become disgruntled and unhappy. Yes, you enjoy your volunteer activities but… “What happened to the woman I dreamed of being?”

Professional of the year! The get it done person, in every networking group, attend every chamber function and volunteer endlessly. You’ve begun to wonder when you will have time to really enjoy your life and your business. You’ve been working so that you’ve forgotten how to be a woman. You can’t recall the last time you felt feminine and goddesslike. What happened to the dream of creating your amazing life?

Isn’t it time you turn your life around?

Yes, give yourself a pat on the back for ALL you’ve achieved, BUT at what price? What price are you willing to continue to pay?

Live  soulfully.

Live passionately as if today is the ONLY day you have.

Live sensuously relaxing into the fullness of being a woman.

Live joyously nurturing your relationships allowing them to bloom.

So, let’s be clear. Are you READY to be finished with?

Being meek and mild mannered, so that you live an extraordinary life, standing in your power.

Being unfulfilled and begin creating your juicy, phenomenal fulfilled life.

Feeling less than a woman and learn to set yourself free.

Hiding who you REALLY are and live an outrageous authentic life.

Feeling like a fraud, release the past and love yourself knowing your worth.

Your body aches from the tension of holding yourself tightly, like you're walking a tight rope. The wire is cutting into your very core. You're feeling that you just might explode if something doesn't change soon.

You're tired of allowing someone else to control you, your life and your moves.

You' can’t remember the last time you laughed out loud, the last time you had a good deep ‘belly laugh’. You know the kind that makes your side and cheeks hurt.

Set your feminine energy free! Express your deepest feelings. Feel great about your life, your body and your accomplishments. Be sensually empowered. Create the life you desire without fear.

Taste your freedom NOW!

Experience living authentically.  

Unleash your goddess.

Feel like the woman you know yourself to be.

Live the life you yearn for.

Recapture your joy.

This 60 minute Teleseminar is YOUR solution to breaking free of the past… Create the life you wish for.

Become enlightened and awakened to the new evolution. Live your most passionate, meaningful life.

Take control and responsibility for your life. Give up the blame game because you own your life.

Live the life you deserve express your deepest feelings.

This Teleseminar helps you begin to create the depth of connection to realign with your Soul, Live Passionately, and have the Amazing life you want.



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